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250,000 homeless animals currently wander the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico, but rescue groups Puerto Rico Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc. and Alianza Pro Rescate Animales work hard day in and day out to bring that number down to 0. This past week, Team Tito’s lent our paws to help socialize some of their shelter dogs and fix up their kennels.

Tito the dog


This is sweet Tito, a 1 year old pup who is up for adoption. PR Animals took him in earlier in the week and named after yours truly. Please contact PR Animals for information on how you can give him a forever home.

Check out PR Animal’s website and the page they dedicated to our amazing experience working together last week. They are also always in need of volunteers and foster parents, both locally and in the states! Please contact them to find out how you can get involved.

Also, HUGE thanks to our Austin pet boutique partner Lofty Dog who donated a great big box of toys and treats for all of the dogs at the shelter.



Team Tito's at PR Animals

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