A New Years message from Tito

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What an incredible year it has been for Tito’s Handmade Vodka and none of it would be possible without you!

I appreciate your support so much and thank you for allowing me to keep doing the job I love; making my vodka by hand at the distillery here in southeast Austin.

I have been busy building a few more pot stills to keep up with you all, and to be honest, there’s nothing I really love more about this journey than rolling up my sleeves and doing the work here, aside from meeting you all when I can occasionally hit the road, of course.

When asked about any reflections I have this year around the holidays, I just repeat what I have said in the past. The greatest celebration I enjoy at the holidays or any time is doing something nice for someone else. Though it’s always been at the core of how I wanted to give back through my passion for vodka, my team and I were able to donate vodka to a record of more than 3500 charitable events this year and have just launched a new website called VodkaForDogPeople.com that raises money to make low cost spay-neuter and animal wellness a reality in more communities across the USA via our partner Emancipet. Check it out if you love dogs like we do. I just rescued a new dog in fact and her name is Abby. I just had a photo of us posted to our @vodkafordogpeople instagram account.

I wish for you all the happiest of new years in 2014 and hope that you know just how much your support means to me. All of the emails you send and the posts you make in our honor keep us all inspired. Cheers to you! -Tito


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