Art of the Bar Cart: Martini Bar

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For this week’s holiday bar cart inspiration, we’re taking on a classic. This one was made for a DIY bar cart set up, as the concept of “the perfect martini” varies so drastically from guest to guest. Stock a station with all of the ingredients, mix up your ideal martini, and sit back to watch the debate: Olives (but how many?!) vs. Twist vs. Onions; Wet vs. Dry vs. Extra Dry; Stirred vs. Shaken; Dirty? Yes please, but just a little bit… The specifications, and the stories that go with them, are endless and hilarious.* Just don’t forget to keep the ice bucket full!

Martini Bar Cart Accessories:

Martini glasses, shaker & strainer, bar spoon, garnish picks, garnish peeler, ice bucket (filled with ice), tongs, cocktail napkins

Garnish suggestions: olives, lemon rind twists, cocktail onions

Martini Bar Cart

Tito’s Martini Recipe:


3 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka
0.5 oz (or to taste) of dry vermouth


First, chill your martini glasses. Either put them in the freezer or fill them with soda water and ice while mixing your martini. Combine Tito’s Handmade Vodka, dry vermouth and ice in a cocktail shaker. Stir (or shake, depending on your preference) until your mixing glass gets very cold, and strain into your chilled glass. Garnish with olives, a twist of lemon rind, or choose cocktail onions to make it a Gibson.

*Tito prefers his shaken, on ice, with blue cheese stuffed olives, or sometimes a twist of lemon rind. He can’t have more than two, or his stories get “loud and salty”!

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