Back at it Again with Sun Records for Record Store Day 2016

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Tito is not only passionate about music – since his early days in the vodka business supported the cause in anyway he could – but he’s a vinyl enthusiast as well. He started collecting when he was just a kid, and now has over 1,200 albums that span decades, genres, and international boundaries. He has limited, signed editions mixed in with sleeveless, scratched radio station compilations; Motown holiday albums filed haphazardly between metal and western swing in a system, or lack thereof, that inspires the most serendipitous discoveries every time he dives in to decide what to play next.

Record Store Day, which is this Saturday, celebrates and supports this medium, local businesses, and the love of really great music. It’s one of our favorite days, and for the third year we get to be part of it!

The past two Tito’s Handmade Vodka x Sun Records compilations have featured iconic artists from Sun Record’s history, such as Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Howlin’ Wolf, and Jerry Lee Lewis. This time around, “The Other Side of Sun” belongs to the Soul and Psychedelic talent from their catalogue… and it’s so moody, groovy, and funky that you can’t help gettin’ up to get down. We are honored to be able to help this collection reach your turntable. Big thanks go out to Sun Records, Record Store Day, and all the small record store businesses out there for including us.

Record Store Day 2016

This Saturday, April 16th, head over to a record store and browse the stacks. You might stumble across your next favorite band, or rediscover an old favorite. Keep your eyes open for “The Other Side of Sun”! It’s a worthy addition to any collection.

If you’re like us, and just can’t wait, help pass the time with Tito! Hear him talk about his love for vinyl, his collection, and a few of his tips for starting your own. For participating Record Store Day shops and events, visit

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