Be Our Valentine Bronson

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In Bronson’s Mom’s words: (Bronson’s Mom is Bobbie Jo. Tito’s NY State Manager)

“Bronson is 5 years old and we got him when he was just a few weeks old. He has grown into a handsome monster who likes to sleep, drool and beg for food. He also likes chopsticks.”

In Bronson’s own words:

“My name is Bronson, I’m a 5 year old Rottweiler and I am living the life…  I work very hard each night to get my humans to give up ¾ of our king size bed so I can get my beauty sleep. However, I am rudely interrupted each morning when my humans prepare for something they call “work”, I myself do not see the point of this “work thing” but that’s another story. I start each morning by getting in their way and tripping them up. This is apparently the formula to get some breakfast around here!  I am then faced with the everyday challenges of lying on the couch to watch TV. Because I lack the use of my opposable thumbs, the inability to change the channel is just awful so once my humans return home, I make them pay for leaving me behind. How so? Well 1st I run all around until someone takes me outside to play. My humans are not too bright; they throw a ball a bunch of times and wait for me to return with it. “Yeah real challenging” but they get all excited, so I continue to amuse them for a bit. Then it comes time for the “good ol” follow them around until I get more of that food put into my bowl. We usually conclude our night with some popcorn and a movie.  I never get my fair share of the popcorn and I never have a say in the movie selection. But as a consolation I usually can get them to scratch my back or rub my belly, there is never enough room on the couch for the three of us and they never seem to get the hint to get down… and that’s about it, that’s a day in the life of a Rottweiler named Bronson. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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