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As you may know, we recently completed the verification process to become the very first spirit to be Made in USA Certified. We are extremely proud of the designation, and excited by how many other groups out there are raising awareness about the benefits of buying American-made products and services. Folks from ABC News to Wired Magazine are talking about the impact outsourcing has had on our country and how we as a group can affect massive change to our future.

We recently found another of those great voices in this great blog, Buy American Challenge. It’s an incredibly well thought out, non-judgmental resource, and of course deals in depth with a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts! Tito is so proud to have an all American product, and it’s exciting for us when other people recognize how important that is to our future. Throughout the site, Randy takes us through all the reasons why searching out and supporting American goods and services is vital to our country’s future, and how we can challenge ourselves to be a part of the solution!

Randy reviews Tito’s Vodka in this post, and we encourage you to spend a little time poking around to see all the other great insights and ideas he has to offer. It’s a great resource and a fun, smart read.

Thanks for sharing so much great info, Randy!! And of course, thank you for the kind words about Tito’s as well 🙂 We are really excited about what you are doing and so happy to be a part of it. Cheers to the American dream …

2 thoughts on “Buy American Challenge

  • Terri

    Thank you for your Made in USA product by an American-owned company! I was so happy to find a magazine ad about Titos Vodka and knew I had to also do a write up about it too.

    You can bet I’ll be sipping on some Titos Vodka from now on!

  • Rosalind Haley

    Glad you mentioned how outsourcing has destroyed the United States. I am glad more people are becoming aware of the problem. It is up to businesses like ours to move “awareness” into the “purchasing” of more made in the USA goods.

    Rosalind Haley


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