Distillery Dog Rescue #31 Nala Luna

Categories: Dogs
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Tito’s distillery is out in rural southeast Austin where, like in many rural areas, there are packs of abandoned dogs and cats. Tito and the team regularly take them in, get them medical attention and find new homes for them. Our latest rescue at the distillery is Nala Luna. She looks like a lot of the other strays we have absorbed, is about a year old and sweet as can be. WILD but sweet. She has great potential to be a lovely companion. We’ve all taken turns lately getting her to the vet or Emancipet and a few of  us have taken her home overnight for more TLC. Now it looks like she is going to stay with Julian more permanently. Julian drives our vehicles all over the country for events and has a few other rescued dogs at his home near the distillery. We will continue to help Julian look out for Nala as we all do for each other’s dogs. It takes a village!

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