Exciting news from our VODKA FOR DOG PEOPLE partner Emancipet!

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Emancipet's Houston Announcement

As of March 2015, we finally get to talk publicly about some exciting news we’ve been keeping under our hats for a while…Emancipet is expanding to Houston this Spring! Houston City Council Members Robert Gallegos and Oliver Pennington, along with Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Gonzalez, have pledged a combined $260,000 from their discretionary funds to help establish Emancipet’s first Houston clinic.

Emancipet’s CEO, Amy Mills, has been in conversation with Houston officials for several years regarding the city’s massive stray population – estimated to be between 800,000 and 1.2 million cats and dogs. The collaboration was born out of the clear need for more affordable, accessible spay/neuter in underserved neighborhoods in the area. The clinic will be able to spay/neuter 7,000-8,000 animals per year, and provide approximately 10,000 preventive care visits.

Opening a clinic in the East End is a powerful moment for us. Our team has been moved to tears by the number of animals in need in some areas of the city. But, our visits to Houston haven’t just revealed a profound animal welfare crisis…they have introduced us to scores of caring and compassionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping animals, and who have lined up to support Emancipet and help us make a real impact for people and pets in that community.

We’ve already begun interviewing, and are excited to be putting together an amazing team to serve the people and pets of Houston. Stay tuned for more information on our grand opening!

— Jill Lally, Chief Development Officer at Emancipet

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