Frozen Sadness: A Tale of Revenge.

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We here at Tito’s headquarters take lunch seriously. We eat, sleep, breathe, and occasionally drink vodka, so much so, that we are often unable to take a lunch break. Luckily we keep our freezer stocked with frozen meals (AKA frozen sadness) so we can power through our strenuous workdays…. This past Memorial Day weekend, several Tito’s and Glazers employees went on a fishing trip. Our young and strapping Austin salesman, TJ Mathias, being the manly man that he is brought home a bounty of catchings. Only there was one serious problem. Upon his arrival, young TJ discovered that his freezer was broken. (In TJ’s mind) The only logical thing to do was to store the fish in the office freezer.. This did not bode well with the office. What ensued was a series of pranks, mostly involving signing TJ up for unnecessary E-newsletters like Carrot Top Weekly, and the Boys Justin Beiber Fanclub.. Nothing seemed to work. No. In order to reclaim the office freezer once and for all, we needed to bring out the big guns. What follows is a series of images vilifying TJ for his careless use of our blessed freezer space…View at your own risk

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