Gypsy Stardust is Tito’s dog niece.

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In the words of her mom, Lynn: (Tito’s Sister in law)

“Gypsy Stardust was born mid November 2013.  Smart sassy and stubborn are not usual traits for Bernese Mountain dog’s but that certainly describes this girl. She is motivated and likes to play in water which once again not usual traits of Berners. Her cousin and her best friend is Tito’s rescue dog Abby and as they were born about the same time they have made perfect rowdy play pals. It’s just too bad that they live so far apart as Abby lives in Austin of course and Gypsy Stardust lives in Durango, Colorado.

They always say be careful what you name your children/furry children… So Gypsy was named for cross country road trips, festivals and back country endeavors and the Stardust is in honor of a theory that Tito has imparted on all of us, that we all come from the same Stardust source making us all a part of each other.  I firmly believe this includes our sweet furry four legged pals. As to my experience, the purest form of connection is our love for and from our dogs.”

We agree Lynn.


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