Hitch a free ride during SXSW on the Tito’s Trolley March 9-17

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Our friends at East End Ink helped us trick out an Austin trolley and your rides around the SXSW Festival this year are on us!

The Tito’s Trolley will be in operation from 2pm to 9pm every day of SXSW (March 9th – 17th) and will follow the route on this map as traffic permits. Search for #TitosTrolley on Twitter for location updates!

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Must be 21 years of age or older and be attending SXSW to board the “Tito’s Trolley”. By entering this vehicle you agree to being filmed or photographed, the product of which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes without further obligation or compensation.You agree to indemnify defend and hold harmless Fifth Generation, Inc, its affiliates and any and all entities and persons associated in any way with Fifth Generation, Inc from from any injury or liability or damages whatsoever arising from participation in the “Tito’s Trolley.”