Hopping Across Boundaries

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Flapjack & Stella
Flapjack & Stella. Staring Contest. Go.

The day I started working at the Tito’s Handmade Vodka marketing office, I knew I was in good, furry-fanatic company. By my first week’s end, I’d met little dogs, big dogs, mutts, rescues, some dainty, some boisterous, all belonging to the employees and contractors here. I started to wonder, with all this office place canine diversity, would the Tito’s office be open to spending a workday with the most recent addition to my own four-legged mammalian clan?

Two months prior to the beginning of my tenure at Tito’s, I dropped by Tomlinson’s pet store for dog treats. I scanned the room for various bags and promotions: “Ummm, let’s see, Sweet Potato & Chicken, Liver for Joint Health, Formulated for Small Breeds mmmhmm, Healthy & Shiny Coat, BABY DWARF RABBITS. Like a crow is drawn to an orphaned earring in the grass, I was instantly possessed. “Must. Caress. Tiny. Bunny.”

The lone bunny in the terrarium, the nice staff member at Tomlinson’s told me, had been adopted, along with his sister, by a woman a few weeks previous. Upon realizing she didn’t have enough room for both rabbits, the woman returned only him, and now, (sniffsniff), he needed a forever home. He was spunky, smart, adventurous, and within 15 minutes, mine.

The Tito’s marketing team, it turns out, was more than ready for Flapjack the rabbit. Hopping over desk dividers, sharing baby carrots, peering inside of cups, snoozing behind laptops, showing off his dexterous ears, he won the affection of both humans and dogs alike. So much so, that when I got a call from my vet informing me they had discovered female parts on what they thought was a male rabbit, everyone embraced his new identity as FlapJill or FlapJaqueline (though she’s still just Flapjack for short). It’s delightful to be involved with a company that celebrates the importance of our animal companions—even those who don’t fetch or sit on command.

Caitlin Warren, Designer 


Flapjack & Brandy
Flapjack and Creative Director Brandy having a Lady & The Tramp moment...if the Tramp had violently tugged the food from her mouth instead of tenderly sharing it.

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