I am King Tito (The Dog) This is my story.

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Hi! I am Tito, but my mom calls me “King Tito” because I am the “King” of the house. I am going to tell you my story…. I am a 3 years old Dalmatian who lives in Austin, Texas. Two years ago, my new parents Bea and Jose adopted me. My mom’s grandfather had a Dalmatian when she was a little girl and she has great memories of her playing with him. She always wanted a Dalmatian and after a long search she found me and adopted me.

When my dad brought me home and after she hugged me and kissed me, the first thing my mom asked was: “What is his name?”. My dad said: “well, that’s a bit of a problem… his name is Freckles. To be honest, I don’t think that name fits him, although he was named Freckles, he is a super cool dog and we should pick a really cool short name for him”. Then, the name search begun…

I have to say that my mom is a Pastry Chef obsessed with desserts. She owns a dessert catering company called Sugar Fashionista with my aunt Vanessa. One day they were testing new recipes using Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which they say it is the best Vodka in the world. I can’t confirm it because she won’t let me try it, even though I stand next to her and beg her to please do so. My dad was waiting anxiously for his turn to taste my mom’s delicious creation and looked at me, then looked at the Tito’s Handmade Vodka bottle they were using on their recipes and he shouted: “Tito!, Let’s named him Tito”. That is how I got the coolest name in the world!

However, my story does not end here as I have something else to tell you … they kept saying I needed a brother or a sister because I was lonely. I don’t know where they got that idea because I am the “King” of the house. They spoil me, they take me to Zilker Park, they even tried to take me kayaking but I really don’t like the water very much. So, last year they adopted a Dalmatian puppy… this time a girl Dalmatian they called Chloë but her nickname is …Tita. So now we both got the coolest name in the world!

Did I mention my Uncle Antonio is a photographer and also has a company called Impromtu Photography? Well… he doesn’t miss an opportunity to take pics of me and my sister and here is my favorite one. Do you see what I mean? I am not only a very cool dog… I am King Tito!

(King Tito got his mom Bea Marty @sugarfashion to write his story down for him)

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