In the Spirit

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Friday we decided to put up and decorate the Christmas tree for the office. Not to be outdone by the guys at the distillery (who made a SERIOUS effort this year), we decided to go with a white and copper theme. It certainly made for a festive Friday!!

AND … the best news is we came up with another fantastic use for the adorable Tito’s minis – our 50mL bottles.

Check it out:

Handmade Ornament!

Our white & copper Christmas Tree!

To make one of your own, simply empty a mini bottle of Tito’s – we are SURE you will find a good use for the contents, but if not check out our Mix This section! Then just take a piece of raffia – rope or string will work well too – and wrap it around the neck of the bottle several times so it’s secure. Tie off the ends, make a loop with the excess material and voila! Happy holidays …

Have any great Tito’s-inspired holiday craft ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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