Jason Robey

Categories: Mixologists
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“34 years young from the Washington DC metro area.  Have been professionally mixing cocktails for 12 years in DC, NYC and currently Los Angeles.  Tend to focus on savory drinks and use on premise gardening in my cocktail program when available. I have a huge passion for all things culinary, and a ton of respect for all the kitchens out there no matter what kind of food they’re slinging.  Any one who wants to work in 140 degree heat while being barked at, under extreme timing pressure, and on there feet for 10 hours is nuts. So a while back I figured out a way to blend both my passion for drinks, and love of food and wine all the while in AC, nice… I have made a little kitchen of my own behind the bar which allows me to create a much larger variety of witches brews from syrups to reductions and mulled goodies, and all the while I don’t have to ask the kitchen to make me a thing. (Plus I prefer to do every thing myself anyway.)   I really enjoy to breaking down food into drink form with well-balanced cocktails using as much fresh local fruits and vegetables as possible when in season.  Love what I do and can see myself doing nothing else.”


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