Meet Lily, Isabelle & Candie!

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Lily, Isabelle, & Candie

Last week, Beth, our Relationship Marketing Manager, had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Spay Neuter Conference, presented by PetSmart Charities and Found Animals, where she met Pamela Krausz. Pamela runs  VT-CAN! Spay/Neuter Clinic, a small clinic in Vermont, and she kindly shared the inspiring stories behind each of her three rescue dogs:

IMG_1891 Isabelle

Both Lily, the yellow lab, and Isabelle, the black lab, were rescued from an unfortunate situation. Isabelle was thin and nursing puppies when rescued. Although Lily and Isabelle were left with scars, both survived and are über happy with Pamela now.


The shepherd is Candie, who came to VT-CAN! from a shelter to be spayed at 8 weeks old with an adopter all lined up. Upon examination, the clinic heard a life threatening heart murmur – Grade V (out of 6). Unfortunately, the adopter backed out and the shelter’s plan was to euthanize her. When the shelter came to pick Candie up from the clinic, Pamela just couldn’t let her go. She had an ultrasound and while bad, the vet thought meds would help and give her some time.  Candie was spayed her and Pamela kept her in hopes of figuring something out. Candie turns 5 years old on September 1st. Her cardiologist did another ultrasound last year and said he was surprised she was still alive and that she could die suddenly. However, Pamela has been aware of that since she adopted her and never let that stop her from loving Candie. Today, she is such a happy dog who loves life. In Pamela’s words, “I know she has a time bomb in her chest, but when she goes, it will be suddenly and much easier on her than on me. No one really thought she would live this long, but she is beating the odds.”


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