Meet the Maker #3 Will Knock Your Socks Off!

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For the third installment of our Meet the Maker program, we have partnered with Dane and Noah, the amazing folks at Sock Club right here in Austin, to bring you a limited-edition design in their signature comfy sock. Through the Meet the Maker program, we’re continuing to celebrate the American craft movement by highlighting the incredible artisans in this country and the beautiful things they are making.

Meet the Maker Socks

Sock Club focuses first and foremost on a high-quality, American-made product for a fair price, something we can certainly identify with! We love the design they created for us, and are excited to share it with you. You can learn about Sock Club and their unique subscription service here.

As always, there are a limited number of pairs with this special design, so head over to our web store to check them out!

We asked Dane to write a bit about how Sock Club came to be, and what it means to him and Noah:

For me, well-designed and colorful socks were a way to stand out and feel special without being too loud. Great socks added something extra to any regular outfit that wouldn’t go unnoticed. I know Noah feels the same way. At the time Sock Club was started, both Noah and I worked desk jobs where the only personality we could bring to work was our socks. I pitched the idea of Sock Club to Noah over a game of corn hole. As I remember it, I was destroying Noah and to bring up his spirits I told of a new business idea I had. Earlier that week I had read a Forbes article about successful small businesses, one of which was a sock subscription service. The sock subscription company in the article only sent out black socks. I thought everything about the company was amazing  except the socks. I told Noah, “You might not be very good at corn hole, but I think you’d make a great business man.” We decided that day to share our love for socks with the world. 

Noah and I were able to leverage both of our backgrounds to start Sock Club. I was able to use my skills as a web developer to create where customers could find us. Noah created our network of sock mills, dyers, spinners and finishers in his home state of North Carolina. 

Sock Club has grown a lot since that corn hole match. Today Sock Club is an American company whose mission is to provide its customers with the finest American made socks at a fair price. We make our socks in the United States for the same price as those knit overseas by being creative with how we interface with our customers. Through three unique avenues – our Sock of The Month subscription service, Sock Swag, and Knitout – we are able to adapt to our clients’ different needs.

Sock Club was founded as a subscription service that provides its members with a different pair of awesome socks every month. We started by featuring socks from the best brands we found through extensive research. We went to fashion conventions, boutique sock stores, and scoured the internet to solicit samples from around the world. By featuring other brands we learned a lot about socks. Eventually, we realized that for our service to feature the best socks we needed to make them ourselves.  

We have fully immersed ourselves in the design and manufacturing processes. We travel all around the southeastern United States building a network of sock mills, dyers, spinners, finishers, and even farms where the cotton is grown. Our quest to learn to make a better sock is never ending.

Our focus first and foremost has and will always be on our socks. We also take great pride in providing our customers and members with a level of service that exceeds expectations. Most of our customers give Sock Club as a gift to their friends, family, co-workers, and clients, and we do everything we can to ensure that their gift is delivered as flawlessly as possible. At Sock Club we try and always think about this in terms of the “mom” test.  Is this gift good enough for your mom?

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