Office Dogs: Dingo and Coyote

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Dingo (previously Gringo) and Coyote were found by a film crew in Mexicali, Baja California Norte, Mexico. The crew was filming a film within a film called “Gringo Coyote” (hence Dingo’s original name) when these little puppies wandered on the set and the crew fell in love. They even had them in a few scenes (which I believe ended up on the cutting room floor unfortunately). They were given to a small dog foster in Los Angeles, California where my friend was introduced to them and decided to foster them until they became adopted. She had 3 large dogs at the time that just didn’t take to them and she asked me as a favor to help her out. I was not a fan of small dogs and I already had a larger dog so I was glad it was only for the weekend. Well, needless to say they melted my heart immediately. They were attached at the hip almost literally. Where there was one, not far behind was the other…the likes of Laverne and Shirley, Ren and Stimpy, and Cheech and Chong. By Saturday I knew I was in love and by Sunday (the day I had to take them to the adoption center) I was in tears and couldn’t bring myself to take them there. When I finally did…it was only to adopt them myself. I always assumed they were brothers because of their amazing connection and attachment to one another (I honestly do not know if they truly know their individual names after over 9 years), but come to find out they are 6 months apart in age, maybe from the same mother different litter? Either way within weeks they got the nickname “the twins”. Dingo is white with spots and a jack russell mix; while Coyote is black mixed with dachshund—but both for sure mixed with chihuahua, so at first people are confused as to where the nickname comes from…but it only takes moments before they see why. The twins wander up to them  tails-a-wagging in unison like windshield wipers looking up at them smiling, They bring joy to every room they enter and have been a blessing in my life everyday. –Brandy Frederick, Creative Director, Tito’s Handmade Vodka

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