Our friend Mary infuses Tito’s with rosemary & tells us how…

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I’ve had drinks with a rosemary sprig before, and wanted to see if it would infuse well also. Since I have a rosemary plant, it was easy enough to grab a few sprigs (I used 7 or 8), wash them, and add ’em to the bottle of Tito’s. You’ll need to drain out a shot or two – I’m sure you can find a use for it – to make room for the rosemary.

I tried it the next day, and it was almost ready. After two days it was perfect. If you had less rosemary available, you could let it sit for longer, but definitely keep sampling every day… it could probably get overpowering very quickly. To strain it, coffee filters work really well at getting out the few bits if grit that might have clung to the rosemary. The end product is a lovely pale green and reminds me a bit of gin.

For a test cocktail, I mixed it with blueberry soda; it was delicious. If you wanted it less sweet, maybe muddle a fresh berry or two and add some soda or sparkling water and a twist of lime. It may be a bit too strong for sipping by itself, but in mixed drinks the rosemary smell and flavor comes through really well. -Mary

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