Strike a Pose with Tito’s in Tahoe!

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We believe that balance and moderation are important! Which is why we enjoy a cocktail after a long, intense (and really fun) day of yoga workshops and outdoor adventures. Tito’s Handmade Vodka will be celebrating this practice of balance at Wanderlust in Squaw Valley this weekend, and bringing you refreshing American Mules and Tito’s Greyhounds that’ll hit the spot. We can’t wait to be part of this beautiful festival again this year!

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Find your true north! And find us at the music tent and bars throughout Squaw Valley.

We are also proud to be featured at Wanderlusts’s special Farm to Table dinner.

Get in the Wanderlust frame of mind with tunes from this year’s lineup! It’s perfect background music for a fun yoga practice at home, or sipping a summertime drink.

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