SXSW: Day 6

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Saturday saw a lot of rest and relaxation in the form of staying home most of the day. Even though Arturo and I ate a tasty and filling brunch at South Congress Cafe – my only desire was to spend as much time in my humble abode, as possible. Subsequently, Arturo dropped me off at home and I worked on social media schedules for clients before the day-job obligation of managing the media list for the Red Bull Thre3style ATX Celebration took me back into the madness. The excursion into the pandemonium reassembled with a failed attempt of finding a Car2Go nearby. In face of the dismay of discovering the “vehicle reserved,” I was able to hail a cab downtown. Once arrived, I positioned myself at media check-in where I had the first-hand experience of being on the other end of RSVP table. Scenarios ranged from holding the door open for Erykah Badu to calling BS from over-ambitious event goers with goals and dreams of skipping lines and getting inside. Separated merely by fenced gate, I could hear Z=Trip drop and mix beats by the Beastie Boys and Guns & Roses. At around 12:50, I was relieved from my post and encouraged to catch the last half hour of the show where special guest Nas made a surprise appearance.

While SXSW was somewhat overwhelming at moments, the fascinating experience and photo bucket of memories will remain with me for ages. My most sincere gratitude to Tito’s Vodka for giving me the opportunity to enjoy the festival and share my experiences with you, the reader. Thanks for reading and watch for the recap video soon to come! Until then, here’s a streamable playlist of bands I saw during the fest:!/playlist/SXSW+2012+Seen+And+Heard/68471628

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