T.J. Palmieri

Categories: Mixologists
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I grew up right here in Miami and graduated from Palmetto high before moving away for school. Like a lot of people, I got my start in the business while in college to make a few extra bucks. Early on I paid my dues working in some rough and very dodgy places first as a bouncer, then a bar-back before I got my shot behind the stick.¬†After I finished school instead of looking around for work, I just kept on tending bar albeit making the shift to some much nicer places! I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked for some great people in the last few years who have allowed me to be creative and take risks. Having always enjoyed cooking, much of my inspiration comes from the chefs that I’ve worked with and I like to think that the results reflect a culinary approach to being a bartender.

Recipes From This Mixologist
Austin Apple
Jalapeno Daisy
Tito's Spring Sling