Team “Tito’s Happy Hour Express” Wins at Fishing

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Our friends write us very often through the website to let us know that they have included us in their hobbies, social activities and causes. We are grateful, flattered and very often, inspired by you all. You make fantastic things happen and we are thrilled to know you are having fun out there with Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Here is one such incidence. (The pictures tell the story of their fishing team’s “strategy”)

Big Thanks for the email and Congratulations to Chad, Jim and the Team Tito’s Happy Hour Express.


I’m Chad Edwards, and my Fishing partner is Jim Kirkman. We’re big
fans of Tito’s; so much so, that we adopted the name, and for 3 years
having been fishing tournaments as “Tito’s Vodka Happy Hour Express”.
We’re known for having Tito’s with us on the bank, and also for
hosting a little Happy Hour every day around 5:00 while we’re

We fish for Carp, have gotten to be pretty decent at it, and
Tito’s Vodka Happy Hour Express has become a recognized name in the
competitive Carp Fishing circle.

Recently, we fished the Carp Angling World Championship in Upstate
New York on the Saint Lawrence River. We competed as teams of two, but
since it was the World Championship, We paired up into a Three Team
group to compete as a Nation, or Country. Jim and I are up in Dallas,
and there was another Texas team that we hooked up with to be on our
Country team. Al St. Cyr, from Dallas, and Jack Curry from Austin were
our buddies that jumped on board. As time was running down, and the
tournament was approaching, we were put in contact with some anglers
from Chicago that were looking for a team. Jacob and Paul were happy
to be with us.

We all fished fairly well (despite our nightly happy hour), and with
super strong performances from our teammates, Team Tito’s Vodka Happy
Hour Express won the Nation’s Prize as the top Country in the

We were all stoked, and proud to represent Tito’s (whether y’all knew
it or not).

That’s the fifth tournament we’ve fished together, and the fourth as
Tito’s. We’ll keep you posted when we hit our next tournaments. I
think we have an individual tournament in Austin in November, then the
Austin Team Championship in February, and another big tournament on
Lake Fork in March. 

Thanks, and Keep up the good work!

Chad Edwards

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