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Thank you! Thank You!

I have been raving about your vodka since I was persuaded to purchase it at my local liquor store. My friends all thought I was nuts when I kept saying that Tito’s was just as good, or better, than most of the so-called high end vodkas out there. Well, you did not make a liar out of me!

Last night 8 of my friends and I had a taste test. Everybody bought a bottle of their favorite vodka. Only my wife knew what each of us were sampling when we put Tito’s up against:

Grey Goose
Absolut (kind of a joke!)
Kettle one
Van Gogh
and Smirnoff Blue Label (100 proof)

One guy cheaped out and bought NOTHING!!! But we still let him participate. By overwhelming majority, Tito’s was rated # 1. The two people who did not choose Tito’s as # 1 liked it second best. (Not bad) The question is … What should I do with all of this left over vodka?

Thanks once again for backing me up, keep making great vodka and we’ll keep on drinking it!”

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