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Tito Beveridge,

Hello there good sir. My name is Kaitlin Dennis and I am from the great state of Michigan. My friends and I discovered Tito’s vodka last september and it has been our #1 vodka choice since then. We have taken down quite a few fifths and half-gallons since discovering how amazing your beveridge is.

Our most creative endeavor with Tito’s is when we did the 1st annual Tito’s Invitational this past January. This is where each of us made a team name and logo, as well as came up with a mixed drink that consisted of Tito’s Vodka. We each had five minutes in “Kitchen Stadium” to create our drinks and present them to the judges (the other contestants). My fellow Tito drinkers and I wanted to share with you our hilarious evening that was the Tito’s Invitational. I have enclosed the flyer we sent out to friends as well as the rules and some pictures from the evening. The Contestants were as follows: Kaitlin Dennis-Axe Handle Face Destroyerz – Andrew Williams- The Chupacabrafragilisticexpialidociouses – B.J. Williams- The Virgin Mary Taco Meat Avengerz – Chris Williams- Lincoln’s Fury

We hope you enjoy the pictures of our hilarious hi-jinks, and keep the Tito’s Vodka flowing. For more pictures from the Tito’s Invitational, here is a link: http://tinyurl.com/titosinvitational

Our only complaint is you couldn’t taste the Tito’s.”


  • Steve Ahuero

    Yo Tito,

    My wife and I just returned from Kauai. I could find a decent Vodka on the rocks with a twist, as none of those knuckle-heads had heard of you, or your Vodka. I was forced to drink Goose and that nasty Kettle One, and was really thirsty upon returning to Austin. The Hyatt, Marriott, Koa Kea, and other watering holes were clueless. The manager at Roy’s told me he once had a busboy by the name of “Tito”. We won’t be returning to Kauai until you assure us that your Vodka is available.

    Best Regards,


  • Daniel

    Dear Tito,

    While considering exactly which beverage would best accompany this evening’s Packers vs. Bears football game, I noticed your bottle on the top shelf at my local grocer, Sunset Foods.  I read that it is distilled six times, and that was intriguing. It was at a reasonable price point (on sale, I believe) and the packaging was terrific, so, I put in in my cart.  

    Now, I’m sipping my first taste and I can state, emphatically, that this is a supreme product.  I only hope the word spreads and others will be able to enjoy your fine vodka!!!

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance in spreading the word up here in the Chicago area.

    Yours truly, in good taste,

    Dan Martin


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