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My name is Louis Piazza and we met on Thursday May 13th at Binny’s Beverage in Chicago’s South Loop at a Tito’s Handmade Vodka tasting and sampling event.

I’m writing to say thank you for your time and hospitality. Coming from an event marketing background, I understand the importance of connecting brands with consumers. My interaction with you, Tito and your representatives has enhanced my perception of your brand and I can honestly say that I will probably be a customer for life. I perceive your brand as unpretentious, crafted and genuine and plan to continue to introduce your product to those that I know will appreciate it.

I’ve attached some pictures to remind you of our group.

Best of luck and I wish you a lifetime of successful business.



One thought on “Tito’s Favorite Emails

  • Michelle Maddux

    I think Tito’s Rocks! I had not seen it in any restaurants until just recently and I sure am glad because there is nothing like going out to dinner and ordering a good drink that is made in AMERICA….none of that Ketel One stuff…LOL.

    Thanks for making a GREAT VODKA!

    Michelle Maddux
    Washington State


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