A holiday offer from Trupanion Pet Insurance!

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Trupanion holiday

We are so grateful to our friends at Trupanion for sharing this December special with all of us!

Throughout the whole month of December Trupanion Pet Insurance is waiving enrollment fees to all of you in our Tito’s Handmade Vodka community!

For the month of December, pet owners do not pay enrollment fees if they sign up for Trupanion Pet Insurance. All you need to do is go to TRUPANION.COM/BESTGIFT or call 855.532.2940 and provide promo code: BESTGIFT.

Did you know pet toxicity spikes by nearly 25% in December and foreign body ingestion rises 10% at year’s end because our dogs get into things they shouldn’t around the holidays? Those can be pricey veterinary bills. Visits to the vet for foreign body ingestion can cost $1,400 on average to treat. Trupanion helps pet owners save on these costs so they don’t blow their holiday budget. Thanks Trupanion!

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