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“To tell you a little about the dogs in the pic, they are Jameson, Carter, Breaux, and Sam. They are all dogs who I have rescued. Jameson was just found by a local animal control officer on St. Patrick’s day, he was about 20 lbs underweight and was at risk of euthanasia had I not pulled him from the shelter. I adopted Carter about a year ago, he had been used for breeding in Indiana, and the lady who had him let him run loose. He was just going to be a foster, but I ended up not being able to let him go. Breaux and Sam are next, they came from the same family, although several months apart. The family had pulled Sam, who is deaf, from a shelter in Southern Ohio after his family dumped him for snapping at a child, they realized he needed more help than they could give him (he had severe skin/ear infections) so they sent him to me. Several months later, another Dal they brought in, Breaux, ended up with the same issues, so he also came to me. Everyone is now happy and healthy. This is just a few of the dogs I have in my house. I have been rescuing Dalmatians for 11 years, and although that isn’t the only breed I rescue, they are the ones who have my heart. I have also added two deaf and partially blind Great Danes and two epileptic Italian Greyhounds to my pack (plus I have several other Dalmatians). My hope is to one day move back to Texas and where I will have a sanctuary for special needs animals. In the meantime I will continue to do my part to rescue dogs in need and educate others on the importance of adopting, spaying/neutering, and proper training and socialization.

Thank you guys for all that you do. Tito’s really is the vodka for dog people 🙂

Natalie Freshour

Canine Training and

Behavioral Specialist


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