World’s Greatest Screwdriver!

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Our friend Greg Jackson was celebrating the holidays by taking a break from the cold up in Minneapolis, soaking in some heat and good times down in Vero Beach, FL. The best way to celebrate? Why screwdrivers with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, of course! Thanks for sharing your picture with us and for including Tito’s in your holiday festivities! Keep ’em coming!!

2 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Screwdriver!

  • Michele

    Read the article in the US Airways in-flight mag on my flight home yesterday. Just purchased my first bottle and am enjoying a dry martini, up, with almond stuffed colossal olives! Tito, you did not exaggerate. As a snobby single malt scotch drinker, you have made a believer out of me! Installed my new IMAC desk top computer today. Just looked at my desk and realized that LIFE IS GREAT! It doesn’t get much better than this!

    • Jim


      I COULDN’T agree more with your assessment of Tito’s! I too first read about this amazing spirit in a flight magazine. Unbelievably, my wife found it in our military class VI (i.e. military liquor store) on post in TN. Having been flim-flammed by marketing in the past we didn’t have exceptionally high hopes when we poured our first drink around Christmas time. Boy were we WRONG! This stuff was nothing short of perfect! Absolutely stunned, we proceeded to do our own (very scientific) taste test using our regular brands (Grey Goose & Kettle One) and low and behold it was unanimous!

      Bottom Line: Tito’s is as good as it gets in vodka!


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