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In the early days of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Tito donated product to local nonprofit events. Over time those small, localized gestures not only continued, but evolved into a nationwide movement to make the world a better place.

Tito talks about finding meaning and purpose, and how the spirits business has become his medium to spread joy in the world.

The Love, Tito’s evolution started in Austin, Texas.

Tito was new to the vodka business, still struggling to make ends meet while rewriting the Texas codebook to building the first legal distillery in the state of Texas. One day he got a phone call from a local nonprofit asking if he would donate a couple cases of vodka for a fundraising event. Tito agreed, and showed up with several cases and the thought that this would be a great opportunity for folks to taste his new vodka. “If you like it, tell 20 of your closest friends,” he said… and they did. They liked the vodka and they told their friends – not just about the vodka, but also about how Tito would donate it to support charity events, like he’d done for them. The phone started to ring more often, and just like that, philanthropy became part of Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

As the company grew, Tito empowered each and every member of the team, regardless of their role, to support the causes they were passionate about in their local communities. As Tito’s Handmade Vodka continued to gain momentum across the country, involvement in philanthropy grew in tandem. The more people who joined the Tito’s family, the more hearts and hands were out in the world spreading love and goodness, with Tito’s behind them all the way.

Every time a member of the Tito’s Team reached out to extend a hand, to make a difference, to say “Thank you for inviting us to help the cause,” they signed off with “Love, Tito’s.” This salutation became a mantra, which turned into a movement. Love, Tito’s is now a force, a group of individuals giving back to causes, efforts and organizations that move them. Through Love, Tito’s, the team has supported thousands of causes – lending a hand to rebuild communities after devastation, spreading joy to those who need a little more, and protecting the environment we all share.

The goal of Love, Tito’s is simple: to turn spirits into love and goodness. Make the world a better place—in whatever way moves you; find your passion, and get involved. With the help of our nonprofit friends and family, Love, Tito’s can continue to give back in more impactful ways, and keep spreading the love more and more.

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Nonprofit Highlight

Tito's Handmade Vodka is excited to help empower Black Futures by supporting three nonprofits centered on entrepreneurship, the food and beverage industry, and music – key elements that have shaped the Tito's brand into what it is today. Tito's is teaming up with Goodie Nation, NBAF, and Feed the Soul Foundation to help further the positive impact they have made, and continue making, in communities across the country by providing a $50,000 donation to each organization.

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We're turning spirits into love and goodness by growing community gardens and farms across the country, one block at a time.
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