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Tito's DIY January with Martha Stewart

We can’t guarantee the outcome of these DIY uses for Tito’s - they are legally non-binding because this is a joke and we’re a vodka brand.

Tito's DIY January, brought to you by Martha Stewart

It's dry January, so you may be taking a break from a cocktail hour or two. We get it. But instead of letting that bottle of Tito's collect dust on your bar cart, let Martha Stewart show you how to put it to use.

  • Three Tito's Handmade Vodka bottles with pour spot, spray nozzle, and mister

    Tito's DIY January Kit

    Three bottle attachments, countless ways to use Tito's without drinking it. We're serious. Spritz things to make 'em smell better. Spray surfaces to cut dirt and grime. Give anything from pasta sauce to fresh-cut flowers a kick. Just screw them on to get your DIY on.

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