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Love, Tito’s

Block To Block

We're turning spirits into love and goodness by growing community gardens and farms across the country, one block at a time.

Inspired by Tito's farm at the distillery, "Love, Tito's" is reconnecting neighborhoods by growing community gardens and farms through the Block to Block program.

A garden bed with cabbage at Tito's farm

Tito's Farm

Make fresh food accessible; inspire healthy eating: These are the pillars of “Love, Tito's” Block to Block program. With projects across the country, Block to Block is creating community gardens and farms, one block at a time.

The idea stemmed from Tito's own farm, built for our team at the distillery with the same concept in mind: create an environment where healthy food is accessible. From lunch cooked onsite using food from the farm to fresh produce to take home, down at the distillery, inspiration to eat well is everywhere you turn.

Now, we're expanding this concept beyond our own backyard, and teaming up with nonprofits nationwide to make it happen. The program aims to make fresh, nutritious food available through free gardens and farms, built by community members and Team Tito's. Working alongside nonprofit organizations in major cities across the U.S., Block to Block is creating spaces that nurture neighborhoods.

Read more about the projects we are working on below.

Love, Tito's

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