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Health Alliance for Austin Musicians

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, also known as HAAM, provides access to affordable healthcare for Austin’s low-income working musicians, with a focus on prevention and wellness. HAAM allows low-income musicians who are self-employed to get the basic healthcare they need, including dental work, doctor visits, and prescriptions, to continue their careers that give the city of Austin its heart and soul.

3 Things to Know:
  • HAAM has helped over 4,900 musicians access over 56,000 healthcare appointments, saving low-income musicians over $44 million dollars since 2005
  • The average HAAM member makes $12,060 to $18,090 per year
  • 90% of HAAM members were insured in 2017 vs 56.6% in 2016

Tito’s teams up with HAAM through sponsorships, supporting the work they do across Austin. Learn more about HAAM and the work they do at or make a donation. If you’re an Austin musician in need of healthcare, find out how to enroll here.

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