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Tito's Watermelon Mule and Tito's 25th Anniversary Bottle


Tito's Watermelon Mule

Only a few folks know that Tito has been a participant in the Luling Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. He's still waiting to take home the gold, but he's happy to sip on a Tito's cocktail in the meantime.

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Tito's Shack Cherry Sour with Tito's 25th Anniversary Bottle


Tito's Shack Cherry Sour

Back in '97, Tito tossed some black cherries into a bottle and created the first-ever Tito's infusion. Now, we toast to that cherry concoction by sipping a drink inspired by its flavor.

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Tito's X William Murray Rope Cap


Tito's X William Murray Rope Cap

When you're sporting a Tito's X William Murray Rope Cap, no course is ever roped-off. Okay, not true. But it's a stylish solution to keep the sun off your face.


100% of net proceeds go to our nonprofit partners.

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Tito's Passion Berry garnished with basil and blueberries


Tito's Passion Berry

Fresh, flavorful, and dare we say, full of passion. Alright, we'll leave that last part up to you. But with citrus, berries, passion fruit, and smooth Tito's you can probably take our word for it.

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tito's vodka grackle cocktail


The Grackle

Blood orange juice and bitter herbal liqueur give this cocktail a special punch. The Grackle is an easy to make cocktail great for any time of the day.

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Tito's Vodka TitoRita Cocktail



Cool down with our twist on the traditional margarita. Blended orange liqueur and fresh lime juice give the TitoRita a sweet and sour punch.

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