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Tito’s Longhorn Tea

Do you have dreams of sitting on a porch swing at an old farm sipping sweet tea and listening to cicadas? Okay, well, we can't give you a farm, but we can provide the tea and make it even better. Combine sweet-as-honey tea with a splash of peach and Tito's for a slow sipper that'll make you think of simpler times, if only till you reach the bottom of the glass.

Crafted by: Cat Mitlenberger



  • Add all ingredients to a pint glass with ice.

  • Squeeze orange slices and leave in.

  • Stir and garnish with an orange slice.

Pairs Well With

Tito's Vodka Cucumber Infusion in a beverage dispenser


We only make one flavor (vodka-flavored vodka), but you can infuse it with any flavors you like!

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