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Recall on Promotional Grill/Cooler from Summer 2016

In 2016, we worked with a display company who used AAA Innovations to print our logo on a combination grill/cooler. The product was used for display purposes in retail stores, and may have been received by consumers as promotional giveaways and/or won at charity raffles and auctions.

We received a report of an incident in which one of the grills caught fire. We’re thankful no one was hurt. Upon hearing of the incident, we notified the display company who worked with AAA Innovations to recover the grill. AAA Innovations hired an independent fire investigator to analyze the grill as well as a second sample unit. In compliance with safety standards and Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) regulations, AAA Innovations reported the incident to the CPSC and then voluntarily initiated a “Fast Track” product recall.

During this process, Tito's management learned about an additional incident. AAA Innovations is currently working to locate the approximate 275 units to ensure this does not happen again. If you have a grill/cooler combo please contact AAA innovations at 800-426-7446 for a $125 incentive or refund.

Additional information is contained in the recall notice below:

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