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Record Store Day with Tito's (Volume 11)

Music, vinyl, cocktails, and the community that brings 'em all together.

Our love of music started in stacks and crates; afternoons spent flipping through records to find one that paired perfectly with a cocktail that set the scene for a good night in with a few good friends. Today, music is still a pillar of the company and flows throughout much of what we do and how we celebrate. But the simplicity of enjoying a drink with a brand-new or well-loved record isn’t lost on us, and it plays as a nice reminder of our earliest days.

The folks at Record Store Day know all about pulling off a sleeve and dropping a needle. Created by a small group of independent record store owners and employees back in 2007, the goal of Record Store Day is to support local brick and mortar record stores. The organization highlights the roles these shops play in the lives of music lovers and musicians alike, acting as cultural hubs in pockets within big cities and small towns, offering a space to share, discover, purchase, and celebrate music. 

Live shows, brand-new music releases, and a wave of appreciation for the folks behind the scenes? How could Tito’s not show up?


For a long time, Tito’s has sponsored a limited-edition vinyl release—a compilation featuring tracks from a record label’s catalog selected by folks who work in record stores and curated by a music historian. It should come to no surprise that it’s released on our favorite day of the year: Record Store Day.

In honor of our 11th year with Record Store Day, we’re sponsoring The Westbound Sound, Volume 1. This compilation spotlights the legendary Detroit label known for its influence on the worlds of soul, R&B, rock, funk, and beyond. Songs with a rich history, a vibrant sound, and an energy that’ll have you on your feet in no time.

On Saturday, April 20, support your local record store and enjoy some new wax with Tito's.

Front cover of The Westbound Sound Volume 1 with two Tito's Orange Refresher cocktails

Tito's Orange Refresher

Listen and sip this after-hours play on everyone's favorite midday drink. Plus, who doesn’t love matching their vodka to their vinyl.



  • Add all ingredients, except sparkling water, to a tall glass with ice

  • Top with sparkling water.

  • Garnish with an orange wheel.


For updates on Record Store Day and to find participating record stores, please visit In the meantime, we suggest putting a record on and raising a glass.

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