Are you of legal drinking age?

Libations for Summer Lovin’

The sun’s shining for your special day, so mix up a tasty refresher and raise a glass.

You know those summer days that make you lose track of time? You sip a drink, take a bite, share a laugh. It doesn’t get much better.

That is, until you add a wedding day bouquet and a signature drink.

Tito's Tiered Garnish Caddy and Tito's Carafes by a pool
  • Summer Heat cocktail garnished with a lime and jalapeno next to a Tito's Vodka bottle in front of a swimming pool

    Tito's Summer Heat

    Who says you can’t be a little spicy on your wedding day? We’re talking about the jalapeño in your drink, of course.

    Mix It Up
  • Tito's Passion Berry

    Tito's Passion Berry

    Just because your great aunt is attending doesn’t mean you can’t infuse some juicy passion into your big day. We suggest passion fruit juice and Tito’s as a starting point

    Mix It Up
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