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Infusions 101: Farmer's Market Fresh

Now that’s freshly picked flavor.

Grab your produce bag, throw on some shades, and collect those mason jars. It’s time to infuse a little flavor into your summer plans.

Because when days last longer and nights stay warmer, you’ve got the perfect recipe to sip outside.

Stock up on fresh berries, sweet melon, peaches picked right off the tree (or chosen at your local farm stand, market, grocery store; fresh-picked doesn’t mean you have to be picky). Infused with Tito’s, that summer haul can line your bar cart and create refreshing drinks you’ll mix up for the next few months.

Tito's bottle cap, blueberries, jalapenos, mint, rosemary

Before the copper cap, we had homemade infusions. Learn how a handful of habaneros started our story.

Tito's Strawberry Infusion next to a Tito's Vodka bottle


Strawberry Infusion

Raise your hand if “summer” should be renamed “strawberry season.” Better yet, “strawberry infusion season.” We’ll just assume your hand is raised.
Infuse It
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