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2020 Block to Block Spotlight: Restorative Farms

Through the work done with the “Love, Tito’s” Block to Block program, Restorative Farms is bringing local food to the front doors of Dallas community members.

What is a GroBox, exactly? Filled with fresh food and educational resources, GroBoxes are delivered to individuals to promote healthy eating, bridge the gap within food accessibility, and create long-lasting change by introducing healthy habits and tools that will influence communities for years to come.

Dallas, TX is deemed one of the largest areas in the country lacking fresh fruits and vegetables, and local nonprofit Restorative Farms knew it could help fill the need, especially in the midst of a pandemic, with this innovative idea.

The organization is transforming spaces to facilitate GroBox construction and delivery, using underinvested land within Dallas so it can not only grow food for community members in need, but bring it directly to them, sharing tools to keep healthy habits going strong long after the GroBox arrives.

Bringing fresh food into the homes of community members connects the mission behind Restorative Farms with the vision behind the “Love, Tito’s” Block to Block program.

Restorative Farms GroBox


Photo courtesy of Restorative Farms

Inspired by Tito’s Farm at the distillery, the “Love, Tito’s” Block to Block program aims to create authentic connections between people and food. The farm makes nutritious food available through free gardens and farms, built by community members and Team Tito's. Working alongside nonprofit organizations in major cities across the U.S., Block to Block is creating spaces that nurture neighborhoods in need.

With the help of “Love, Tito’s,” Restorative Farms can enhance its GroBox programming to serve even more community members in need by providing education, resources, and access to fresh and healthy food right in their own yard.

We connected with Team Tito’s member Lisa who had a first-hand experience working with the nonprofit through our Block to Block program.

GroBoxes with crops Photo courtesy of Restorative Farms
What motivates you to work with Restorative Farms?

Lisa: Originally, it was being a part of The Hatcher Training and Community Farm; their multi-stage plan of a sustainable solution for the community and Dallas, which included access to healthy foods, learned farming skills, and jobs in the neighborhood. With COVID-19, they pivoted and asked us to pivot our support to their GroBox Program – a box, soil, and seedlings available for the community to have access to healthy options from the comfort and safety of their homes.

What do you hope this GroBox Program will bring to the community?

Lisa: With COVID-19, and even beyond COVID-19, having access to a healthy choice in the safety of your own home is invaluable. A video they shared with us shows the excitement one GroBox recipient felt while showing off all that her box was producing for her and her family.

What is the estimated impact of this project?

Lisa: When Restorative Farms first came to us with their GroBox program we were able to provide support for 250 GroBoxes to serve the Dallas community. After seeing their success in Dallas and realizing the potential for GroBoxes in other cities, we worked with Restorative Farms and our Block to Block nonprofits in Austin, San Antonio, Nashville, and Philadelphia to provide another 350 GroBoxes for community and home gardeners!

How does Block to Block work in communities and what is the bigger purpose of this program?

Lisa: Working with Restorative Farms is the perfect example of our Block to Block program listening to the needs of the community and supporting an idea that has, and will continue to make, a big impact in the Dallas community, Texas, and beyond. Sometimes great ideas are there just waiting on the means to make it happen!

Seedlings growing Photo courtesy of Restorative Farms

To learn more about how “Love, Tito’s” is turning spirits into love and goodness by growing community gardens across the country, one block at a time, visit here.

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