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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Today and every day, Tito's Handmade Vodka sends love and goodness by supporting Latinx communities and nonprofits across the country.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, we are amplifying our efforts. Tito’s Handmade Vodka has teamed up with nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping, sustaining, and growing Hispanic-owned businesses, communities, art, and history. Learn more about some of the groups we’ve worked with, so far.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
  • Prospera Logo

    Helping Hispanic-Owned Businesses Prosper

    Prospera is an economic development, nonprofit organization specialized in providing bilingual assistance to Hispanic entrepreneurs trying to establish or expand their business. The group acts as a catalyst for positive community change, fostering the growth and success of small businesses, helping create and retain jobs, increasing financial independence and household incomes, and achieving greater prosperity in the communities it serves.

    A message from Team Tito’s employee, Patty Diaz
    : Team Florida selected Prospera because, not only do they service the entire state, their mission of helping those with an entrepreneurial spirit reminded me of Tito and his entrepreneurial spirit. In times of uncertainty, this organization is helping Hispanic businesses develop and grow.

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  • NALAC Logo

    Preserving Latino Arts and Culture

    The  National Association of Latino Arts and Culture promotes, connects, and cultivates Latino arts and cultures. The NALAC programs provide advocacy, funding, networking opportunities, leadership development, and professional training for Latino artists and arts organizations across the country.

    A message from Team Tito’s employee, Carlos Lomeli: Art is an enormous part of our culture which helps shape our ideas, emotions, character, feelings, and more. By providing fundamental resources, NALAC amplifies the ever-growing Hispanic artistic community, and the leaders that surround it. [It] provide[s] strong training tools through its leadership program which enables [the group] to grow and make a stronger impact in [its] community. Additionally, this organization sustains a great balance in both equality and empowerment for Hispanic artists, regardless of ethnic background. These core values align perfect with Tito's vision to spread love and goodness in Latinx communities.

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  • MOWOC Logo

    Delivering a Meal, Sending Love

    The mission of Meals on Wheels Orange County is to help the disabled, aged, and chronically or temporarily ill by providing nourishing meals delivered by a friendly, well-trained volunteer at a nominal cost. Its objective is to provide daily, caring contact and nutritious meals to its clients, so they remain self-sufficient and in their home environment as long as possible.

    A message from Team Tito’s employee, Lindsey Krock: Meals on Wheels Orange County has always held a special place in my heart as my Abuelitos were members of the program. Meals on Wheels Orange County chapter has done an incredible job of delivering the message to our Latino community by partnering with the local Mercado and safely distributing meals in the parking lot during COVID. What sets this nonprofit apart from others is the personal connection each volunteer builds with the recipients. It’s the simple gestures, buenos días, como estas that brighten the day of these people that may or may not have family; it lets them know people care. Meals on Wheels Orange County is not only delivering meals, but spreading joy through food!

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  • NMMA logo

    Showcasing the History of Mexican Art

    The mission behind the National Museum of Mexican Art is to stimulate and preserve knowledge and appreciation of Mexican culture through events and exhibitions that exemplify the rich variety of visual and performing arts throughout history. Showcasing 3,000 years of creativity from both sides of the border, the National Museum of Mexican Art works towards connecting museum visitors and spectators to the diversity of Mexican culture.

    A message from NMMA employee, Barbara Engelskirchen: My mother was a bilingual educator and daughter of Mexican immigrants who understood that having pride in your heritage gives you confidence and that will take you places. My mom introduced me to the National Museum of Mexican Art, a place that showcases Mexican art and culture in the U.S. like no other, and sparked my desire to work at the Museum, a place where the multiple facets of Mexican heritage are proudly on display.

    A message from NMMA employee, Thelma Uranga: One [program] that stands out is working with the Museum’s Auxiliary Board to present the annual Día de los Muertos: Love Never Dies Ball. The Auxiliary Board is made up of a group of young professionals, who share a passion for Mexican art and culture. The Love Never Dies Ball is their signature fundraiser that takes place in November, [taking over] the Museum for a festive celebration that includes live music, delicious food and beverages, open galleries, and more. The event has been a great success, but last year the Auxiliary Board took on a new challenge: an increased fundraising goal to purchase a piece of art for the Museum’s Permanent Collection. The Auxiliary Board worked collectively to meet the challenge and we were successful! La Catrina Dulce is now a part of the Museum’s Permanent Collection.

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