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Convenient Cocktails Made for Happy Hour

When the clock strikes "happy hour" don't let the moment pass. Just grab a bottle of Tito's and open up the fridge. From a splash of soda water to your favorite lemonade, mixing up delicious cocktails can be as easy as drinking them. Plus, there’s a good chance you’re already stocked up on ingredients. Trust us, if you’ve got water, you’ve got a drink (in fact, that’s how Tito prefers it).

  • Orange juice being poured in a rocks glass garnished with an orange slice

    Tito's Screwdriver

    Orange juice and brunch have been a classic combo for forever. Orange juice, Tito’s, and brunch? Now we’re really talking. Fresh-squeezed or store bought, we don’t play favorites. All you’ll need to cook up are pancakes—the juice is on us.

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  • Tito's bottle next to Tito's Lemonade a tall class

    Tito's Lemonade

    A refreshing cocktail with freshly-squeezed lemonade and Tito's Handmade Vodka. Learn how to make this simple cocktail, just don't forget the garnish.

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  • Tito's Vodka bottle next to a Tito's Greyhound garnished with a grapefruit slice

    Tito's Greyhound

    A tart start with a smooth finish, this refreshing cocktail will get your tail wagging any time of day.

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  • Tito's American Mule in a Copper Mug

    Tito's American Mule

    Spicy ginger and fresh lime give this effervescent cocktail a kick you can enjoy anytime. Doesn’t hurt that this one’s traditionally served in a copper mug, which just so happens to pair well with our bottle.

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  • Tito's Texas Water on a coaster

    Tito's Texas Water

    This classic twist on the "vodka soda" is as tried and true as its Texan signature. Simple, refreshing, and the perfect way to quench any thirst, from the bar stool to the back porch.

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  • Tito's Bloody Mary loaded with garnishes including french fries, olives, pickles, bacon, onions, celery

    Tito's Bloody Mary

    A classic brunch cocktail, our DIY variation packs some heat. If your guests start sweating, definitely do not apologize.

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  • A bottle of Tito's Handmade Vodka on a table with a bowl of lemons and a Tito's Water & Lemon cocktail

    Tito's Water & Lemon

    If you want to keep it clean and simple, but mellow it out and lighten it up a bit. This is how Tito prefers to drink his vodka.

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