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Puptails and Pawties: How to Host Yappy Hour

Fetch, fresh drinks, and your favorite canine companion. Now, that's how you throw a Tito's Yappy Hour. And if you ask us, your pup should always be your plus one.

Dog wearing Yellow Vodka for Dog People bandana at the lake

Here at Tito’s, happy hours are always happier with dogs. Since the beginning, our co-woofers have been by our side, fetching hearts and taking treats. Of course, they’re invited to the fun. Heck, they are the fun!

That’s why we created a pawfect opportunity to play with your pup, pour yourself a drink, and sit back with the dogs (and their people): The Tito’s Yappy Hour. While our Vodka for Dog People hosted happy hours stretch across the country, there’s no need to chase us down. Now, you can throw your own.

Puptails for you and a tail waggin’ good time for the pup you love? It’s as simple as “sit and stay...for a while.”

How to Get the Pawty Started

Once the bar cart is stocked and all the pet parents have a Tito's cocktail in hand, consider that part of yappy hour complete.

Now, onto the dogs.

Think about your four-legged friend's furravorite things, and make sure you line up a few of them wherever you’re hosting: A good game of fetch, a roll in the grass, splashing in some cool H2O. Only the best for your best friend.

Keep reading for a couple extra ideas to get tails waggin’.

Puppy wearing yellow Vodka for Dog People bandana surrounded by Tito's Dog Toys

Hide and Treat:

A furravorite amongst the canine crew! Find your pup’s go-to treat, head to your yappy hour venue (a sunny spot outside is pawfect, but any room will do), and get to hiding. Place a treat in secret spots around the area (each one a little more challenging than the last).

Then release the hound (or hounds, if there are multiple pooches on the guest list).

It’s a scavenger hunt meets obstacle course! Your pup will use a whole lot of brain power, get a good workout, and be rewarded for super sniffing skills. Meanwhile, while they’re on the hunt, you can sit back and snag a snack for yourself (preferably paired with a puptail).

Dog wearing orange Tito's Vodka bandana


Tennis balls, squeakers, even a Tito’s Dog Toy. Gather up what you can! Tear apart your house for long-lost play things, encourage yappy hour guests to come pupared with a ball in hand, or buy a few new toys to add to your dog’s collection.

Place your haul in a laundry basket (or any receptacle big enough to hold all of the goods) and when the time is right, drop the ball…literally.

Fill the space with your pup’s faves, watch while they soak it up, then start an epic game of fetch. Timeline is TBD (so make sure to have a refill waiting).

Strike a Paws:

Okay, maybe this one’s more for the pawrent.

Step 1: Set the stage. Tropical vibe? Grab a pair of Tito’s sunglasses and a tiny umbrella. Tail-gate (see what we did there)? Find an old jersey and bring out the pig skin…no, no it’s not a snack. Holiday? Go for the bow!

Step 2: Bring in the dogs (and a few treats to help keep their eyes on the prize).

Step 3: Snap a pic of your best furriend. Then snap a few more…can you ever have enough?

Labrador licking his nose

The Water Bar:

Yappy hour is the time to enjoy a refreshing drink, so while you’re sipping on a cool All-Time Furravorite, make sure your dog also has an order in for a fresh bowl of water.

Better yet, make it a water bar.

There are plenty of ways to set up a hydration station for your number one pup; or a row of bowls to resemble your own home bar; a bowl in every corner of the space for a never-ending supply will do the trick

If you’re feeling really creative and are inspired to build something for the event, cascade an assortment of dog bowls then run a hose from the very top. Tall dogs, short dogs, and dogs right in the middle can all get a taste.

Dog wearing a unicorn headband and a tito's leash

Dressed Up Pups:

Strut the catwalk…whoops, we mean, dog-walk. Doggy drag show, or just a chance to dress pup, here’s your chance to deck out your dog in the finest digs. So, grab your Tito’s Leash, your best pal, and start the show.

Give the winner a tasty treat and gather some goods that’ll be pawfect for a dog and their person. Tasty dog-friendly snacks, toys, and a doggy bandana for the pooch; Tito’s mini bottles, a homemade infusion kit, and a matching bandana for their folks.

Now, that’s how you go for a walk.

Make a Splash:

Hosting your yappy hour in the summer months? If temps are too high, it may be a good idea to leave your furry friend in the comfort of air conditioning.

For the days where it’s safe to have your tail-waggin’ friend join the pawty, set up a cool down corner.

Pick up a plastic pool, hook up the hose to a simple sprinkler, and you’ve got an outdoor oasis any dog would dig. Pup-tip: Point the sprinkler towards the pool so your canine pals can chase their way right into a big splash.

Three dogs in their Tito's bandanas

Dogs That Make a Difference:

From the very start, Vodka for Dog People has teamed up with nonprofits around the world to help pets in need and the families who love them.

Do your pawrt and make a difference. When you send your yappy hour invite, suggest a donation to your local animal-related nonprofit with the RSVP. Dogs, drinks, and doing good. We’ll cheers to that.

Tito's is Vodka for Dog People

An important part of the story here at Tito’s Handmade Vodka is the innate connection we have with our canine counterparts. Since the beginning, we have been committed to rescuing and protecting the animals that have come into our lives, often serendipitously. We've been teaming up with Emancipet, a local nonprofit that provides low-cost accessible vet care to pets in need, since our early days and continue to work with thousands of animal-related nonprofits around the world. By supporting these dedicated organizations, sponsoring events, and assisting transport services, Tito's can continue helping pets and their families near and far.

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