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Outdoor Project: Adventure Dogs

We've teamed up with Outdoor Project to launch a pawsome video series called "Outdoor Adventure Dogs" that features some of the most adventurous pups across the country. Each episode of this series tells the story of a dog who was rescued from a shelter, the special bond with their owner, and the grand adventure the two embark on together.

Whether the pup is their human's trusty production assistant on the trails, or is busy working the ski patrol, our Outdoor Adventure Dogs are here to spread the love.

Episode 1

tito's vodka Race Jones

Jasper is a mellow and sweet mix who was rescued by his human, Whitney Whitehouse, a professional photographer based out of Central Oregon. Jasper is happiest when he's outside, and loves to swim in any body of water he can find.

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Episode 2

tito's vodka Jessica Koski

Juneau is a Coonhound who is very active and loves to goof around with his human, Rodrigo Trevino, a professional photographer based in Southern California. The bond between Trevino and Juneau is very special, and the two are always on the road together.

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Episode 3

Freja & Lycka
tito's vodka Jessica Koski

Freja and Lycka are wilderness therapy and companion dogs who like to tag along with their human parents during outdoor guided excursions. The two dogs thrive in adventurous settings like water rafting and cross-country skiing, and provide a sense of calm and courage to those around them.

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Check back for more Outdoor Project episodes as the story of our canine counterparts continues throughout the end of this year.

Episode 4

Tito's Vodka Black and White Dog in Snow Jessica Koski

Jett is a 5-year-old smooth coat border collie who is friendly and a total go-getter. Jett loves to work, especially alongside his human as an avalanche rescue dog. A day in the life of Jett involves daily risk management work of avalanche mitigation, trail openings, signs, closures, and warmly greeting all humans and animals alike.

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