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Tackle Game Day with Tito’s, the Team Spirit

No matter who you’re rooting for, just pass the bottle of Tito’s, serve up a winning cocktail, and score big this season.

Hut, hut, sip! No game day is complete without a bottle of Tito’s and enough garnishes to last through overtime. From a warm-up cocktail while you grab your favorite spot on the couch to a quick refresher for the halftime show, we've got a drink for every team player. Remember, no matter who wins or loses, you’ll find a reason to raise your glass high...filled with your favorite team spirit.

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  • Tito's Bloody Mary on a table with a Tito's Vodka bottle and bowls of snacks

    Tito’s Bloody Mary

    Warm up for game day festivities with a zesty drink made for spicing up your season. Topped with enough garnishes to last ‘til halftime (and then some).

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  • Tito's Greyhound in a rocks glass garnished with a slice of grapefruit

    Tito’s Greyhound

    Seconds left on the clock and stuck with an empty glass? Time to mix up a quick cocktail. Just add smooth Tito's to tart grapefruit and get back to the game with a drink in hand.

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  • Tito's Vodka bottle next to a Blueberry Mule in a copper Mug garnished with blueberries

    Tito’s Blueberry Mule

    If the scoreboard's got you feeling blue, just mix up this blue-zy take on a classic cocktail that's sure to boost your team spirit. Fresh blueberries, spiced ginger beer, and a splash of Tito's. It's a winner, if you ask us.

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  • Tito's Vodka bottle next to Kiwi Kickoff in a tall glass

    Tito's Kiwi Kickoff

    Watching the big game could use a refresh, and we've got just the drink. Smooth Tito's, sweet kiwi, and just a splash of citrus. Now, that's a good call.

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  • Tito's Soda Lime

    Smooth and refreshing with a splash of bubbles, this one’s fizzy and light, pairs well with tailgate snacks, and is the perfect way to end game day…or to keep it going.

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