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Tips & Tricks: How to Free Pour and More

Whether they're classic or crafted, mixing cocktails is an art.

Creating the perfect at-home drink is a lot easier than it sounds, and we have some simple tips and tricks to step up your cocktail-making game (without trying too hard).

Take a look below to learn how to use a Hawthorne strainer and how to perfect your pour. You'll be a pro before you know it, and sippin' on a really delicious drink.


Hawthorne Strainer

Once you've picked your Tito's cocktail and poured the ingredients, give it a shake in a shaker, grab your handy Hawthorne strainer, and place it on top of the shaker. Then, pour the liquid through the strainer into a glass.

While you pour, make sure to hold the strainer and shaker in place, that way only the liquid makes it into your glass!

Free Pour

If you don't have a measuring cup or jigger handy, that's OK. Skip the extra step of measuring and count the servings with your fingers—one finger is a single, and two fingers is a double.

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