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Make it a Tito's Tailgate

From the backyard to the big screen, tackle tailgate and just add Tito’s.

Let's take a look at this year's lineup: Enough grub to last through game day, your favorite seat on the couch, a roster of delicious Tito's drinks made for the season...Looks like a winner.

If your end goal is to host a better tailgate, just add Tito’s and kick off the season by kicking back with an ice-cold cocktail in hand. And remember to keep the bar cart stocked for refills during the halftime show.

Tito's Warm Up and a Tito's Vodka Bottle

Tito's Warm-Up

Warm up for game day festivities with a zesty drink made for spicing up your season. Topped with enough garnishes to last ‘til halftime (and then some).



  • Just add Tito’s Handmade Vodka and bloody mary mix into a shaker with ice.

  • Shake and pour everything into a glass.

  • Go wild with your garnishes. Try celery stalks, olives, dill pickles, pickled green beans, lemon, parsley, bacon, cheese cubes, boiled shrimp, etc. 

Tito's Grape Crush next to a Tito's Vodka bottle

Tito's Grape Crush

Make this season sweet and spicy with a cool mule that’s sure to add a tasty twist to tailgate.



Tito's Kickoff next to a Tito's bottle

Tito's Kickoff

Start the season off with a classic. Just mix orange juice and soda water with a splash of Tito’s to keep your cocktail game fresh and easy.



  • Add all ingredients to a glass with ice.

  • Stir and garnish with an orange slice.

Tito's Citrus Squeeze on a table in a rocks glass garnishes with a lemon

Tito's Citrus Squeeze

Sit, sip, score, repeat. Looking for a light refresher that'll last through the final play? Look no further than a Tito's punch sure to add some zest to game day.


  • Add all ingredients to a glass with ice and stir.

  • Serving a group of your favorite folks? Add all ingredients to pitcher or punch bowl with ice and stir.

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